How many prints do I get?


As standard, on a three hour Photo booth booking we usually give two prints per session, one for one of the guests in the booth and one to go in your guest album if requested. We can print extras if required but this will incur more cost to you so please call for a quote. Don’t forget that you will have an online gallery so all of your photos can be simply downloaded so you can print them elsewhere or create a photo book

Do you charge for any time the photo booth is not being used?


All our photo booth package prices are for the time you have booked us, for instance; if you book for 3 hours then you and your guests will have 3 hours in which to take as many photos as you wish. We do not charge for any setting up or packing away but should we need to be set up early or pack away later for reason or at your request we would charge £35 per hour ‘idle time,’ this is time when the booth is set up but not actually being used. You may not like the idea of us interrupting speeches for instance so this is where ‘idle’ time is used.

How much do you charge to customise my photobooth template?


We pride ourselves in being one of the few companies that offer this for free! You will be able to choose a template design and we will personalise it with the event details. See our template page for some examples.






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